Blue Jays Closer Kirby Yates Likely To Undergo Tommy John Surgery, Miss 2021 MLB Season

The Toronto Blue Jays will probably play the season without one of their top free-specialist signings. Reliever Kirby Yates, who was required to be Toronto’s nearer in 2021, shows up rather set out toward Tommy John medical procedure. Blue Jays head supervisor Ross Atkins told correspondents on Tuesday that Yates had gone through a MRI after initially being determined to have a flexor-pronator strain, as indicated by Sportsnet’s Arden Zwelling.

“It’s most probable going to be a Tommy John modification,” Atkins said. “Still new with the data. Yet, that is the most probable result.” 일본야동

Yates, who will praise his 34th birthday celebration this week, missed a large portion of last season subsequent to going through a medical procedure to eliminate bone spikes. He was restricted to only six appearances in 2020 with the Padres, and he wasn’t especially viable in them. Since 2018, Yates has dealt with a 2.04 ERA (198 ERA+) and a 5.85 strikeout-to-walk proportion in 131 trips. He’s likewise saved 55 games and has completed an extra 27. The Blue Jays were idealistic enough about his capability to get back to shape to promise him $5.5 million for the year. Clearly this isn’t what they had as a primary concern.

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