La Liga Denies Barcelona Relegation Threat Over €125m Bank Guarantee

La Liga has rejected that it took steps to consign Barcelona to the subsequent division on the off chance that it swore another president prior to storing the required €125m bank ensure.

Barcelona official applicant, Toni Freixa, asserted on Thursday that he and the two other official up-and-comers, Joan Laporta and Victor Font, were told by then acting president Carles Tusquets in front of the March 7 political decision what La Liga’s position was the point at which it came to having the bank ensure, which is essential for the club’s resolutions to formally get down to business. 실시간야동

  • Sources: Laporta gets €125m, set for Barcelona work Marcotti: 11 motivations to be idealistic about Barcelona

The bank ensure, which is 15% of Barca’s financial plan, is a method of securing the club against being run flippantly and must be confirmed by La Liga.

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