Otasowie: Nuno Has Helped Me Develop As A Person

Owen Otasowie has hailed the impact of lead trainer Nuno Espirito Santo in the wake of making his Premier League debut for Wolverhampton Wanderers.

“He’s a great chief, and he upheld me a ton to be straightforward on the grounds that I have into a ton of devilish stuff at Wolves,” the 20-year-old United States worldwide told the authority club site. 성인사진

He clarified how things can function with my conduct being more expert, so he’s assisted me with building up an individual just as a player.

Otasowie’s first Premier League appearance was one to enjoy, as he fell off the seat at half-time and asserted an aid a 2-1 success against Chelsea in December 2020.

Thus he got a Premier League Debut Ball, which is given to all first class debutants who have gone through three years or more at an English Academy before the age of 21.

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