Sixers Make Post-deadline Moves, Give Reed NBA Deal And Sign Jones To Two-way

The G League MVP has acquired a full NBA bargain.

The Sixers on Friday night reported that they’ve marked Paul Reed to a standard NBA contract. The group likewise marked Mason Jones to a two-way bargain. Reed and Rayjon Tucker had recently been the Sixers’ two-way players.

Reed, a flexible 6-foot-9 player out of DePaul, arrived at the midpoint of 22.3 focuses, 11.8 bounce back, 2.3 helps, 1.9 takes and 1.8 squares for the Delaware Blue Coats in the G League’s air pocket in Orlando, Florida. Sixers leader of ball activities Daryl Morey called Reed “super underestimated” subsequent to taking him with the 58th pick in the NBA draft. Reed has hitherto satisfied that charging. 검증사이트

Lead trainer Doc Rivers needed to utilize Reed at focus in the Sixers’ success Thursday night over the Lakers after Dwight Howard was launched out. He figured Reed did well under troublesome conditions in his first significant NBA minutes since January

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