Roy Williams Against Duke: What Was His Final Record Vs. The Blue Devils?

Roy Williams’ retirement from North Carolina on Thursday leaves him with in excess of 900 profession triumphs and three NCAA titles.

With his prosperity at both North Carolina and Kansas, there are not many schools against which Williams closes with a losing record.

However, archrival Duke is one of them, regardless of a scope of the Blue Devils in his last season.

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In all, Williams went 19-25 unsurpassed against Duke: 1-3 during his time at Kansas and 18-22 with North Carolina. The groups just met multiple times in the ACC Tournament, with Duke prevailing upon three of those games Williams under mentor Mike Krzyzewski.

Williams did, notwithstanding, get the last chuckle, beating Duke 91-73 in the last game he will at any point mentor in the Dean Dome.

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