Hawks Set NBA Record By Going 11-for-11 On 3-pointers During Third Quarter Vs. Pelicans

The Atlanta Hawks have been moving since they supplanted Lloyd Pierce with Nate McMillan as their mentor. With Tuesday’s triumph absurd Orleans Pelicans, the Hawks moved to 13-4 since McMillan dominated, yet even they couldn’t have anticipated how hot they planned to get in the second from last quarter of their most recent triumph.

The Hawks and Pelicans were tied at 61 at halftime. That is a normal of more than 30 focuses per quarter for the two groups. Not very ratty. And afterward, Atlanta took things to the following level. They dropped 46 focuses in the second from last quarter on account of a memorable shooting stretch. In the 12 minutes that made up the second from last quarter, the Hawks shot 11-for-11 on 3-pointers. 성인사진

Obviously, the Hawks set the precedent for most made 3-pointers by a group in a solitary quarter without missing. That record had recently been held by the Cleveland Cavaliers at 9-for-9, so the Hawks broke it with some space to breathe. For the game all in all, the Hawks shot 64.1 percent from behind the curve in making 20 of their 31 endeavors. They scored 123 focuses in the game, a fairly humble complete given their unstable second from last quarter, yet with the final quarter successfully minimal more than trash time, Atlanta had little need to score more than 16.

This degree of shooting is clearly unreasonable, yet it’s a fitting appearance of their new achievement.

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