Juan Cala: Alleged Racial Abuse By Cadiz Defender To Be Investigated By La Liga

The Spanish Football Federation and La Liga have started an examination concerning the supposed racial maltreatment of Valencia’s Mouctar Diakhaby by Cadiz’s Juan Cala.

Diakhaby affirms Cala racially offended him during Sunday’s loss by Cadiz.

La Liga said on Monday that charges would be dealt with “truly” yet didn’t say what move would be made. 중국야동

On Tuesday, Diakhaby posted a video via online media saying he was “exceptionally harmed” by what Cala said to him and needed La Liga to authorize the Cadiz man.

Cala held a virtual news gathering later in the day, during which he denied racially mishandling Diakhaby and said he had been trapped in a “media carnival”.

On Monday, Valencia president Anil Murthy said the episode saw football take “two stages back in this battle against prejudice” and called for conventions to be changed, as the reaction to players leaving the field was “seriously stressing” than the actual occurrence.

“The principles are clear – on the off chance that you don’t play you lose the game in addition to you have deserted the game and lose another three focuses,” Murthy said.

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