Damian Lillard Joins Oscar Robertson In Rare NBA Air

Damian Lillard joins Oscar Robertson in uncommon NBA air

We as a whole expertise great Damian Lillard is at this point.

He is, truly, a standout amongst other Trail Blazers players, time.

On Wednesday, he demonstrated it indeed. 신규사이트

Most importantly, he hit a three right off the bat in the game to pass Jason Kidd for tenth untouched on the NBA’s vocation made three-pointers list. That was amazing all by itself, however he wasn’t done at this point.

[Listen to the most recent Talkin’ Blazers Podcast with has Channing Frye and Dan Sheldon!]

Lillard came into Wednesday’s down with 1,492 focuses and 398 helps on the season. Eight additional focuses and two helps would place him in rarified air.

Indeed, he got that and that’s just the beginning. Lillard finished the night with 22 focuses and five helps, arriving at 1,500 focuses and 400 aids a season for the 10th time in his nine seasons in the NBA.

The accomplishment appears to be unique without anyone else, however a glance at NBA history shows that what Lillard achieved on Wednesday is something extremely, uncommon.

Truth be told, just two parts in NBA history have arrived at the 1,500/400 imprint in every one of their initial nine seasons: Oscar Robertson and Damian Lillard.

Any time your name can be referenced concurrently as Roberston, it’s exceptional. To be the lone player referenced close to him, presently that is amazing.

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