Yuh-jung Youn Becomes First Korean To Win Acting Oscar

During her acknowledgment discourse, Youn talked about how she would watch the Oscars back home in South Korea, where she’s for some time been a film star, and that it was a strange encounter to be at the function.

“Me, being here without anyone else, I can’t trust I’m here … Allow me to get a hold of myself,” she said, prior to expressing gratitude toward the Academy. 먹튀검증

“Minari” is about a family from South Korea who move to Arkansas to begin another life. It winds up being more difficult than anticipated, so their grandma, played by Youn, comes to live with them.

The film, just as Youn, have gotten basic approval all through grants season, with Youn winning a Screen Actors Guild Award and a BAFTA before her Oscar win.

She clarified how oftentimes her name has been misspoke all through her movements and said, “around evening time you are completely excused.”

Youn additionally recognized her kindred candidates in the classification, Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Colman, Maria Bakalova and Glenn Close, who Youn said she has since a long time ago appreciated.

“I don’t trust in rivalry,” Youn said.

Among her many enchanting minutes in front of an audience, Youn, who was introduced the honor by Brad Pitt, spouted somewhat about their experience.

“Mr. Brad Pitt, at last, ideal to meet you!” she kidded.

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