Fulham Relegated: Scott Parker’s Side Lose Premier League Survival Bid

Fulham 0-2 Burnley: Relegated Cottagers missed the mark, says Parker

Advancement. Transfer. Advancement. Transfer.

There have been as many ups as downs for Fulham in the last four seasons, with the most recent down being affirmed on Monday as a 2-0 loss against Burnley saw the Cottagers consigned from the Premier League.

Manager Scott Parker, who directed the finish of their downgrade in 2019 then the advancement crusade last season, realizes the time has come to shake off the ‘yo-yo’ nature of the club. 메이저사이트

“We need to attempt to get off the rollercoaster we’re on,” he disclosed to Sky Sports.

“In any case, presently isn’t an ideal opportunity to talk about how we do that. I feel like I know – well I do know – however now isn’t an ideal opportunity to broadly expound.”

So can Fulham build up themselves in the first class and will Parker remain around to take on the assignment?

‘As a club we need to use sound judgment

It is the first run through in Premier League history that every one of the consigned groups have been chosen with three matches of the period staying, with Fulham joining West Bromwich Albion and lower part of-the table Sheffield United in dropping down a division.

In any case, if the three groups need some consolation they just need to take a gander at the highest point of the Championship.

Norwich City won the title this season, trailed by Watford – who both exited the Premier League in 2019-20 just to make a moment return.

Bournemouth could make it a decisive victory of fast first class recuperations as they are additionally in the Championship end of the season games.

Parker after 2020 play-off winFulham won advancement to the Premier League with a 2-1 success against Brentford in the Wembley play-off last in August

The three consigned clubs will each get up at any rate £42m in ‘parachute installments’ next season, while Fulham picked an exchange procedure the previous summer of marking major parts in their mid 20s for generally little charges and afterward supporting their crew with various credits.

“The parachute cash checks – two of the groups that got consigned [in 2019-20] kept their crew and that is pushed them back into the Premier League,” said previous England midfielder Karen Carney on BBC Radio 5 Live.

“Cash is a major issue and it is important. Cash and purchasing a middle forward keeps you up.”

Fulham have just won five class coordinates with throughout the prepare and have the second-most exceedingly terrible goalscoring record with 25 objectives from 35 matches.

“I would summarize it [the season] in that game [against Burnley],” added previous England midfielder Parker. “In the middle the cases we’ve had our minutes and looked a decent side yet needed something at one or the flip side.

“While we’ve had our minutes, we’ve missed the mark at this level and that is the reason we’re consigned.”

‘We have fizzled’

Serbia striker Aleksandar Mitrovic, who just scored three class objectives contrasted with 26 in the advancement season, offered a more dull appraisal.

“We have bombed this season,” he said. “It was not adequate. We didn’t have the right to keep awake.

“By and large we have completed where we have the right to be. We didn’t show the enormous character, huge attitude and we broke under the pressing factor.

“We attempted, we battled, we tried sincerely yet we required greater quality ready. We got rebuffed today and this season.”

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