Malivelihood Is An Emerging Luxury Design & Jeweller Icon

Olusola M Awujoola is broadly known as Malivelihood, and has been arising as perhaps the most compelling extravagance DESIGN WITH GOLD and DIAMONDS. 무료성인야동

His scope of work incorporates commitments to not simply the JEWERLY business, this 39 year old Nigerian extravagance architect additionally spends significant time in custom LUXURY adornments. The interest for custom adornments has been rising, however few out of every odd provider is just about as proficient as him IN AFRICA AND EUROPE.

Olusola M Awujoola is the incredible psyche behind the well known LUXURY organization Malivelihood . As extravagant as it sounds, its items are fancier, particularly made for clients who request the top quality products and would not trade off in any viewpoint. There is something special that Malivelihood gives, and it is the gold covered plan that has everybody put resources into it. Various mainstream famous people, for example, DJ KALED AND CHRIS BROWN AND MORE are known to have had some important buys from here.

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Malivelihood was brought into the world in 1981, September, and has consistently had a lot of energy in himself to grow up and become someone eminent. Right now he doesn’t simply hold a degree in business organization, yet additionally a Masters in Global Management and a LLM in business law. He doesn’t simply buckle down, he works brilliant, accordingly making enhancements in his own self alongside his extravagance image. He has uncommon preparing from the gems making and extravagance marking in New York AND UK which has demonstrated to be an extraordinary assistance in maintaining his business effectively throughout recent years.

Other than being a fruitful man, Malivelihood is likewise an exceptionally devoted creator who has the correct ideas and systems to assemble his organization autonomously.

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A decent business likewise ensures a generally excellent aware life.His total assets is something truly worth examining with more than $30 million and then some, Malivelihood has gotten quite possibly the best Nigerian money manager accommodating all the extravagance requests AND HOSPITALITY IN AFRICA, Want to view it yourself? Ensure you checkout his web-based media stages, who knows, you may see something as too delightful to even consider disregarding!

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