New Korean Film ‘Sweet & Sour’ Asks, ‘Does Love Have An Expiration Date?’

New Netflix romantic comedy Sweet and Sour, coordinated by Lee Gye-byeok, starts with a hackneyed yet famous inquiry: Does cherish have a lapse date?

“When dating somebody there are not simply prepared minutes. There are additionally harsh minutes. I needed to show that practical side in the film,” the chief said during an online public interview Tuesday (June 1).

Jang-hyuk (played by Jang Ki-yong) and Da-eun (played by Chae Su-container) are a couple who set out on a significant distance relationship when Jang-hyuk’s organization presents him on an office outside of Seoul. This negatively affects their relationship: Jang-hyuk and Da-eun consistently wind up quarreling when they meet in Seoul.

“Youngsters nowadays, they carry on with a bustling life contrasted with my age. So I calculated that their dating life isn’t simple. I attempted to pick occupations that do have set rest days for heroes,” the chief said. “I picked (Da-eun to be) a medical attendant who works three movements, and Jang-hyuk as a man who endeavors to turn into a normal specialist at an aggregate.”사이트순위

Chae said there was a scene with Jang that caused her to sympathize with Da-eun’s distress.

(From left) Director Lee Gye-byeok presents with entertainers Chae Su-container, Jang Ki-yong and Jung Su-jung after an online public interview for Sweet and Sour.(From left) Director Lee Gye-byeok presents with entertainers Chae Su-canister, Jang Ki-yong and Jung Su-jung after an online question and answer session for Sweet and Sour.

“There is a scene where the couple is resting and Jang-hyuk takes the whole cover to himself and folds it over him. The scene caused me to feel alone and pitiful,” Chae said at the question and answer session.

“I think it is my shortcoming,” Jang said, saying ‘sorry’ to Chae for causing her to feel that way.

At work, Jang-hyuk battles to turn into a normal laborer, going up against Bo-yeong (played by Jung Su-jung). Working in a similar office, Jang-hyuk starts to foster affections for Bo-yeong, who is consistently direct.

“Bo-yeong realizes that Jang-hyuk has a sweetheart, Da-eun, yet needs to draw near to him. I didn’t need individuals to loathe her for that. So I attempted to show her charms however much as could reasonably be expected,” said Jung, all the more broadly known as Krystal of K-pop young lady band f(x).

The chief likewise discussed the film’s title – equivalent to the name of a mainstream chewy candy in Korea.

“At the point when I was chipping away at the content with my staff, there was a chewy treats named prepared before us,” he said. “The candy is from the outset harsh and sweet and afterward out of nowhere it dissolves away. And afterward you want to have another. I felt that is like the story that we are attempting to tell.” – The Korea Herald/Asia News Network

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