Sandara Park Bids YG Farewell As She Marks 2NE1’s 12th Anniversary

Sandara Park has at last said farewell to YG Entertainment, her home throughout the previous 17 years, as she denoted the twelfth commemoration of 2NE1.

“It is with a hefty heart that I leave YG, which has been my family, my parental figure, my home, my stone, and my beginning and end since I came to Korea with no family or companions in 2004 to take on new difficulties,” she said in a proclamation delivered by means of her web-based media pages yesterday, May 17.웹툰사이트

“I began to look all starry eyed at the hip seniors here and developed alongside the organization for a very long time with the conviction that I could become a partner as well as a genuine relative of the YG ‘family,'” added the K-pop star, who is likewise known by her stage name Dara.

YG Entertainment freely reported Dara’s takeoff on May 14, that very day her agreement with the said office lapsed.

Dara portrayed her years as a YG craftsman “like a fantasy, loaded up with tremendous recollections and shows with my team that blew individuals away.”

On 2NE1’s disbandment back in 2016, in any case, Dara conceded that she “felt like everything was self-destructing.”

She then, at that point went through the following five years in YG by testing herself “in different kinds with the mentality that I was starting from the very beginning once more!”

“Thinking back, those five years turned into an incredible resource for me and skilled me with the positive picture I have now. My heart’s most prominent longing has consistently been being in front of an audience,” Dara stressed.

“Showing that piece of me is my method of reimbursing the affection and backing of my Blackjacks who have shown me undying adoration and furthermore the one immovable dream I’ve had since I was in 2nd grade,” she added.

As she leaves her home, Dara noticed that the following demonstration in her life might be her “greatest test yet,” yet she looks forward with energy.

“Farewells are consistently the hardest to do, however I take a full breath and make a major stride nearer to my fantasy and individuals who have remained by me, sitting tight for me to make that stride,” Dara focused.

The K-pop star then, at that point recognized her adored 2NE1 co-individuals Minzy, Park Bom and CL, whom she wishes to be along with again later on.

“Finally, I sent my affection to my 2NE1 individuals, who I miss frantically and love profoundly. I desire to continue to see you seek after different exercises and implore that we will be together as one face to face or together in soul sometime in the not so distant future. Glad twelfth commemoration, 2NE1!!!” Dara said.

Considered as one of the pioneers of K-pop, 2NE1 appeared back in 2009 under YG Entertainment. Dara has, in the interim, been a piece of YG since 2004, which is that very year she joined the principal period of the ABS-CBN’s world ability contest “Star Circle Quest.”

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