John Cena Responds To Rumors Of WWE Return At SummerSlam

It’s been broadly mentioned inside the ultimate week that the wwe has large plans for summerslam 2021 and is hoping to stack its card with the exceptional matches to make sure it fills las vegas’ allegiant stadium. It will take a few large famous person power to accomplish, as the occasion seems to p. C. A football stadium for the first time since its creation. Still, the rumored headline fit simply feels as though it can put a few butts in seats. Now, it’s simplest a matter of confirming whether or not it is actual that john cena will return to face time-honored champion roman reigns, that is simpler stated than finished. John cena turned into lately requested approximately his plans for saturday, august twenty first at some stage in an interview for the imminent f9. Take a look at out the playful alternate among cena and reporter tara hitchcock, who surely attempted to get a scoop from the former pinnacle guy inside the wwe:주소모음

interviewer: what will you be doing august 21st? Simply out of curiousity. John cena: uh, you already know, optimistically enjoying the summer season? I do not know. Interviewer: you in vegas possibly? Cena: what is in vegas? Interviewer: i heard there may be some thing known as summerslam? Cena: oh [laughs]. That become a terrific manner to do this! That became an excellent way to do that. I am so sorry i am inside the center of filming peacemaker, i’m talking to a number of folks these days, my mind is a little bit scattered. . . You recognize if you want to bestow that gem upon you will be first rate, however there’s loads taking place. I do not need to create expecations i can’t manage. John cena’s response become well completed, and one that i suppose was an intentional act to avoid mendacity in an interview approximately any potential upcoming involvement with the wwe. I trust he can also have at first not understood what the reporter changed into getting at with their question but, as soon as he understood, why wouldn’t he have simply responded the query if the solution became no? What’s even greater exciting approximately this alternate is that a clip of the video turned into shared by the wwe’s official twitter account for smackdown, which is the home of accepted champion roman reigns. Check out the post for yourself down underneath:

summerslam 2021 is still a couple of months away, however one could think that if john cena became going to be involved inside the complaints, conversations would be within the works right now. Given the closing a part of cena’s announcement, possibly there are talks taking place right now to look what works within cena’s busy agenda and whether or not he can commit to the rumored plan for a match with roman reigns, which would be worth of a big pay-according to-view occasion. In spite of everything, john cena is a hectic hollywood actor in recent times, together with his hand in some projects in the mean time. Between press obligations for f9, his peacemaker collection, and upcoming press responsibilities for the suicide squad, it would be hard to also commit to appearances on smackdown to hype the imminent storyline. Plus, it is been about a yr and a 1/2 considering he remaining wrestled for the wwe, so there could be a few potential rust to knock off before essential eventing a huge suit like summerslam. It looks like cena’s appearance is viable, but it might to take a few paintings to make it happen. If john cena is ready to appear at summerslam, one could count on he’d make an look on smackdown (which airs on fox fridays at eight:00 p. M. Et) in the coming months. Talking of cena and the wwe, check out what the bella twins had to say approximately why they thanked the wwe superstar in their corridor of reputation induction speeches.

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