Shocking: Actor Lee Jong Suk Was Not Paid For The Drama ‘Hymn Of Death’! Here Is Why!

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One of the generously compensated entertainers in South Korea, Lee Jong Suk, was allegedly didn’t get any cash for playing the lead job in the dramatization Hymn of Death. He is known to be an entertainer who picks scripts in the wake of giving them a decent idea. All in all, for what reason did Lee Jong Suk consent to do the dramatization Hymn of Death without a compensation?

Called as Sukki by his companions, Lee Jong Suk has two motivations to acknowledge the proposal with no cash. Here is the thing that made Lee Jong Suk assume the part of Kim Woo Jin that even procured him basic approval. 사이트순위

Psalm of Death is otherwise called the Death Song and us a short show structure. The 2018-show has just three scenes and recounts the narrative of Joseon administration’s first soprano Yun Sim Deok and virtuoso dramatist Kim Woo Jin. The job of Yun Sim Deok was played by entertainer Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jong Suk assumed the part of Kim Woo Jin. It’s anything but a lamentable story of the couple set in the Japanese pilgrim rule period when individuals of Joseon didn’t have the opportunity to sing or begin to look all starry eyed at.

Lee Jong Suk’s Dream Role!

The genuine biography is very famous in South Korea. The story had effectively been adjusted into a melodic film. However, Lee Jong Suk was moved by the story and needed to assume the part of Kim Woo Jin. There are times when an entertainer gets offered a job, however there are likewise times when entertainer tries to assume certain parts. Accordingly it’s anything but a job for Lee Jong Suk and he would not like to pass up it for anything.

Lee Jong Suk was commended for exhibiting his passionate side very well in the show. As far as he might be concerned was one of his fantasy characters, Lee Jong Suk consented to assume the part with no compensation. The subsequent explanation is his affection for overseer of the dramatization.

Song of Death was coordinated by Park Soo Jin. Lee Jong Suk had acted in Park Soo Jin’s executive dramatization While You Were Sleeping in 2017. Both were friendly as well as fostered a cordial relationship after the finish of the show. Accordingly he additionally needed to show his regard to crafted by Park Soo Jin and chose not to request any compensation.

Lee Jong Suk charges almost $5,00,000 per scene. However, his nice thought was valued by the chief Park Soo Jin. “I’m certain that Lee Jong Suk will actually want to impeccably depict the different sides of Kim Woo Jin as both a tortured scholarly and a youngster in affection. I’m earnestly thankful to Lee Jong Suk for consenting to show up in the dramatization as well as chosen to get no ensured expense for his appearance,” Park Soo Jin had said.

Another intriguing reality about Hymn of Death is that through the dramatization Lee Jong Suk re-joined with his co-entertainer Shin Hye Sun after a long hole of five years. They had acted together in the dramatization School 2013 which was delivered in the year 2012.

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