U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team To Face Canada In World Cup Qualifier At Nashville’s Nissan Stadium In September

Music City was chosen by the U.S. Soccer Federation as host for a 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying game between the U.S. Men’s National Team and Canada.

The Sept. 5 game will be at Nissan Stadium and will be the main home match of the passing effort for the U.S.

The opening shot will be at 7 p.M. The game will be communicated live on FS1, UniMás and TUDN. 사이트순위

The Tennessee Titans open the ordinary season Sept. 12 at Nissan Stadium against the Arizona Cardinals, seven days after the soccer match.

City authorities desire to bring matches for the 2026 World Cup to Nissan Stadium.

City authorities desire to bring matches for the 2026 World Cup to Nissan Stadium.

U.S. Mentor Gregg Berhalter said Nashville was chosen for the group’s first home game as a result of the offices and the city’s soccer following. He needed to guarantee the group of a home-field advantage and is sure neighborhood fans will give that at Nissan Stadium.

“We realize that something basic to our achievement in World Cup qualifying is having a solid home group and dominating our home matches,” Berhalter said. “At the point when I consider the arena, the field, and a group that is ready to go, there could be no more excellent spot to start off our home World Cup qualifying series than in Nashville. It’s an energetic city, and we anticipate playing there.”

At present home to Nashville SC, Nashville has a background marked by supporting the U.S. For worldwide matches and drawing enormous groups.

The U.S. started its walk to the CONCACAF Gold Cup title on July 8, 2017, by playing to a 1-1 draw with Panama before 47,622 fans at Nissan Stadium — then, at that point a record participation for a soccer match in Tennessee.

After a year, 40,194 fans saw the primary global objective scored by Tyler Adams and a strong U.S. Guarded exertion, which brought about a 1-0 triumph against Mexico.

Most as of late, the U.S. crushed Jamaica, 3-1, in the 2019 elimination rounds of the Gold Cup in Nashville before a horde of 28,473. The U.S. record in Nashville is 4-2-1.

The game against Canada will be essential for the “triple date” to open World Cup qualifying as the U.S. will play three matches in seven days.

In the main game on Sept. 2, the U.S. Will make a trip to El Salvador and play at the 53,000-seat Estadio Cuscatlán in San Salvador. The U.S. will play Honduras in San Pedro Sula on Sept. 8.

Under the new passing arrangement, an aggregate of eight groups — up from six in past cycles — will contend in the last round of World Cup qualifying out of the CONCACAF locale, with the main three groups progressing to play in the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. The fourth-place group can progress by means of an intercontinental season finisher in June 2022.

The 10 matches in the last round regularly had been played throughout year and a half. As a result of timetable changes identified with COVID-19 and the new configuration, each group will play 14 matches more than seven months.

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