Dan Snow To Present New TV Documentary About William Shakespeare

To be circulated on History Hit TV, the program will be introduced by Dan Snow and Alice Loxton who as of late completed a three-day film shoot in Stratford, the last’s old neighborhood.

It will zero in on Shakespeare’s initial life and the existence of his folks and areas shot at incorporate the Guild Chapel, Snitterfield Church, KES Schoolroom and Guildhall, Evesham Abbey, Shakespeare’s Birthplace, the National Trust’s Coughton Court and Middle Littleton Tithe Barn.드라마다시보기

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Indeed, even the group’s base all through the venture, Karma Salford Hall Hotel, is of extraordinary recorded importance, having whenever been utilized as a guesthouse for the priests of Evesham Abbey.

Dan says: “I have seen so many of Shakespeare’s plays, yet I knew such an insignificant slice of the universe of sixteenth century Warwickshire and Stratford that he came from.

“This was an opportunity to investigate, see the country that he saw, the structures, the streams and find out about the turbulent universe of progress that he was naturally introduced to.

Television Presenter Dan Snow (Image: sjm shows)

“I’m a New Forest person myself, however I must say, Warwickshire is ludicrously lovely.”

While watchers might be more acquainted with Dan, as a BAFTA grant winning telecaster, outline beating digital recording moderator and Sunday Times Bestselling creator; cutting-edge moderator Alice enjoys the home benefit.

Alice went to Stratford Girls Grammar School, used to push for Stratford Boat Club and when showed up in a presentation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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“Experiencing childhood in Stratford, I’ve been intrigued by Shakespeare for what seems like forever,” she said.

“Perhaps the most punctual memory is acting in A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the nurseries of Hall’s Croft.

“I have numerous cheerful recollections acting in Richard III with the RSC, moving in the Shakespeare Birthday Parade, paddling for Stratford Boat Club (and falling in!) and long stretches of tutoring at Stratford Prep and Shottery.

The life and seasons of William Shakespeare will be uncovered in another narrative

“I’ve for the longest time been itching to find out about Shakespeare’s folks’ lives – particularly the romance of Mary Arden and John Shakespeare – and it was a pleasure to at last converse with the specialists to attempt to make quick work of it!”

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