Giorgio Chiellini: Juventus And Italy Captain Signs New Two-year Deal With Serie A Club

Giorgio ChielliniGiorgio Chiellini joined Juventus in 2005 having recently played for Fiorentina and Livorno

Juventus safeguard Giorgio Chiellini has marked another two-year bargain, which will broaden his profession with the Turin side to 18 years.

Chiellini’s new agreement, which runs until the late spring of 2023, will see him play past his 38th birthday celebration.

The 36-year-old was out of agreement when he captained Italy to the European Championship title in July.

“He frames a major piece of Juve’s set of experiences, yet likewise the present and the future,” the club said in a proclamation.웹툰사이트

Chiellini has won 14 significant prizes in 16 years with Juve, including nine successive Italian association titles between 2011-12 and 2019-20.

He was additionally important for the Juventus group that won advancement back to Italy’s first class in 2006-07 subsequent to being consigned to Serie B as far as it matters for them in the Calciopoli embarrassment.

In an enthusiastically phrased articulation declaring his new arrangement, Juve utilized Chiellini’s name to illuminate why he is so imperative to the club – refering to H for “saint” and L for “pioneer”.

“Giorgio Chiellini epitomizes all that Juventus represents, and it is through his responsibility and astounding presentations throughout the span of the most recent 16 years that has acquired him an agreement restoration,” the club added.

“There is a cross-over in Giorgio’s DNA and that of Juve’s.”

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