BTS Singer Jungkook Once Revealed He Was Offered The Stage Name Seagull, Here’s Why He Rejected It

BTS artist Jungkook had once uncovered that he was offered an alternate stage name. The artist, who has various monikers in the being a fan, had once uncovered that he was offered to take up the stage name Seagull.

Jungkook joined BTS when he was only 13 years of age. He was the fifth part to be enlisted by Big Hit Entertainment (presently Hybe Corporation) to join the gathering.

Talking with Mnet’s Yaman TV in 2015, Jungkook uncovered he was offered to take up the name Seagull. In any case, he rejected, attributable to the way to express the word in English. “I utilized my original name, yet I had a phase name. It was Seagull. I’m from Busan and seagull (in Korean) is seagull in English,” he had said, as announced by Soompi.야동사이트

In a similar meeting, Jimin too uncovered he was offered the stage name ‘Child G’. Nonetheless, he additionally decided to embrace his original name, Park Jimin, as his stage name. “I initially got a phase name. They gave me the name ‘Child G,’ so I said I would utilize my genuine name,” he said. Other than Jungkook and Jimin, Jin likewise depended on utilizing an abbreviated adaptation of his name, Kim Seok-jin, as his stage name.

In the interim, Kim Nam-joon picked the stage name RM. At first, the abbreviation represented Rap Monster. In any case, he later transformed it to Real Me. Min Yoon-gi took up the name Suga, Jung Ho-seok picked J-Hope and Kim Tae-hyung proceeded with V.

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A long time since their introduction, BTS has crushed various global records, the new being holding the best position of the Billboard Hot 100 for five continuous weeks with their tune Butter. While fans will watch out to check whether their streak proceeds into the 6th week, BTS is set to deliver their new tune Permission to Dance. The gathering has been sharing idea pictures to prod the new track.

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