EXCLUSIVE: South Korea’s HyunA Is Loewe’s Newest Global Ambassador

An artist lyricist and rapper, Kim Hyun-ah is referred to her fans as HyunA — and presently as a worldwide envoy for the Spanish calfskin products and style house.

“Particularly anticipating this thrilling association and working intently together,” said Jonathan Anderson, innovative overseer of Loewe, who has brought style trying and peculiarity to the legacy brand, close by its famous savoir-faire.

“Really an astounding honor for me,” added HyunA, who is something of a chameleon with her changed hair tones and design styles. It is perceived she will work with Loewe on impending dispatches.야동사이트

The marking comes as Loewe assumes responsibility for the business in South Korea from a previous merchant. It dispatched Loewe Korea, its most recent auxiliary, powerful July 1, making room for the LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton brand to construct a nearer relationship with its customers through close to home administrations and restrictive encounters.

Its first volley is a mission that plays on the way to express Lo-weh-vay. It highlights six Korean famous people — entertainers Yoo-mi Jung and Yoon-soo Nam, models Sung-Jin Park and Ellis Ahn, and the artists Apro and Lil Cherry — all wearing Loewe’s pre-fall and fall assortment.

HyunA started her music profession in 2007 as an individual from the Wonder Girls in February 2007, later joining another gathering 4Minute prior to dispatching a performance vocation in 2010.


Her most recent collection, “I’m No Cool,” beat out everyone else of significant music streaming stages in South Korea, and sold in excess of 200,000 duplicates on the Chinese music stage QQ Music. Likewise, the hashtag #imnotcool has gotten in excess of 850 million perspectives following a dance challenge on TikTok, while her recordings recorded 1.4 billion perspectives on the Chinese online media stage Douyin, as indicated by Loewe.

Style marks just can’t get enough of K-pop stars, as bankable for web-based media commitment as diagram beating tunes. BTS and Blackpink are the most sought after K-pop stars now, with each of the four Blackpink individuals — Lisa, Rosé, Jennie and Jisoo — helping brands including Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Tiffany and Celine. BTS as of late endorsed on as house ministers at Louis Vuitton.

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