NBA Summer League: Thunder Set To Play Spurs In Final Game

Over the previous week, every one of the 30 NBA groups have been partaking in the MGM Resorts NBA Summer League 2021. Each group was booked to play four games, with the aftereffects of those affecting their fifth and last challenge.

The two groups with the best records will meet in the title game, while every other person will be coordinated up dependent on standings for their last game.

In view of that, Oklahoma City had an unpleasant trip in summer class, with their best two draft picks missing most of the competition.

On Saturday evening, it was declared that the Thunder’s fifth and last game would be against the San Antonio Spurs.스포츠중계

On Monday, August 16, OKC will play their last game before the preseason at 4PM Central on NBA TV.

While Josh Giddey has missed everything except five minutes of NBA Summer League, maybe Monday’s end game will be a chance to return from his lower leg injury to perform.

The Philadelphia 76ers are looking strong so far for the 2021 NBA Summer League. As they opened up the week with a matchup against the Dallas Mavericks on Monday, Tyrese Maxey and the Sixers ruled the opposition and progressed to 1-0.

In the wake of getting a couple of long periods of rest, the Sixers got back to the court for a late Thursday night game against the Atlanta Hawks. From the beginning, the Sixers appeared to be a gnawed off. As the shots weren’t falling and Maxey was honestly squeezing to keep his group in the game, Philly fell behind and followed going into halftime.

Yet, when the second from last quarter moved around, previous G League MVP Paul Reed began feeling the desperation and drove his group to a rebound. Albeit the Sixers couldn’t finish off the game with a triumph following the final quarter, they put everything in order in additional time, progressing to 2-0 in the wake of overcoming the Hawks.

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