The Weeknd’s Next Album Is Taking Inspiration From These 2 Britney Spears Songs

The Weeknd is blowing our mind with his most recent single, and he’s taking motivation from another genius on his next project: Britney Spears.

During the Wednesday (Aug. 11) scene of his Apple Music 1 public broadcast Memento Mori, The Weeknd played “Everytime” and “Harmful” from Spears’ 2003 collection In the Zone. As indicated by a depiction of the new scene, The Weeknd played “a blend of music that grandstands tracks motivating the new Dawn period.”한인사이트

Notwithstanding Spears, the artist likewise played two tunes by Nas (“Star Wars” and “Criminal’s Theme”), just as tracks by Swedish House Mafia, Kid Cudi, Kanye West and Tyler, the Creator.

Lances’ fourth studio LP contains comparative electronic-bound dance-pop flavors to the disco creation of The Weeknd’s most recent single “Take My Breath,” which could drive the sonic heading of the remainder of his new collection, the development to his Billboard 200 diagram clincher After Hours.

On the Memento Mori scene, The Weeknd reported that he’s almost gotten done with the venture. “Collection is essentially done,” he said. “Simply doing some last changes, some blending takes note of, extra vocals.”

He recently declared “the day break is coming” at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards in May, indicating his next time. “I simply need to say the After Hours are done and the day break is coming,” he said during his acknowledgment discourse in the wake of winning the top Hot 100 melody grant for “Blinding Lights.”

Video: The Weeknd prods new music, says the following stage ‘begins around evening time’ (The Independent)

The Weeknd prods new music, says the following stage ‘begins around evening time’

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