Laker Rumors: NBA Executive Hints Ben Simmons Wants To Play For California Team

The Ben Simmons adventure has arrived at the west coast. Ready Taylor Swift, the 76ers and Ben Simmons have ill will. The three-time All-Star and previous Rookie of the Year is unsettled in Philadelphia.

“Ben Simmons says he won’t play for the Sixers,” says a mysterious leader as per Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The San Antonio Spurs, Toronto Raptors, and the Minnesota Timberwolves have shown interest in Ben Simmons, however Ben seems to lean toward the west coast. He has been working out there in the offseason, claims a home close to LA, and for the most part spends his whole slow times of year there.야동사이트

The truth of exchanging for Ben Simmons is convoluted, as his asking cost is supposed to be high. Exchanging for Simmons is probably going to cost a few critical youthful players just as a small bunch of high picks.

Concerning the Lakers, exchanging for Ben Simmons makes close to nothing, assuming any, sense. The Lakers previously procured Russell Westbrook. They obtained Rajon Rondo for the seat point watch job. Ben Simmons is all the more a point forward, and the Lakers as of now have one of those in LeBron James. Regardless of whether the Sacramento Kings or the Golden State Warriors will have the influence or picks to exchange for him stays not yet clear.

One thing is absolutely clear: Ben Simmons is unsettled in Philadelphia.

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