Beer Nut: United Kingdom Faces Beer Shortage

As we cross the threshold into the “unofficial” end of summer and start of fall. I’m sharing two beer stories of interest that you may have missed. Let’s get started.

First up is a Washington Post story I read about the United Kingdom’s reported beer shortage. Apparently this was caused by the combination of Brexit and the forced self-isolation of some workers due to contact tracing showing they had encountered someone who tested positive for COVID-19.한인사이트

These two factors have led to a shortage of workers in some sectors, one of which is truck drivers. The trucking industry estimates a current shortfall of more than 100,000 drivers in England, according to the Post story. In addition, the British paper The Guardian reported that warehouses are now at their lowest stock levels of stock since records started being kept.

While we can’t complain about beer problems caused by the pandemic – after all, it obviously has wreaked much worse havoc than a beer shortage – we can roll our eyes once again at the numbskullery of Brexit. Here’s hoping our British friends solve this problem soon.

Our second story is the news from Brewbound that Brienne Allan will step down from her role as production manager at Notch Brewing in Salem.

“It’s with a heavy and hopeful heart that this Thursday will be my last day at Notch Brewing,” Allan stated in an Instagram post. “I’ve never felt more supported and shared such a similar goal with a company.”

Allan caused a firestorm in May when she questioned on Instagram how many other women face sexist behavior in the brewing industry. She had encountered some sexist questioning of her brewing credentials from construction workers at Notch’s second site. The response was overwhelming as women shared stories of everything from feeling they worked in a hostile environment to outright sexual assault. This led to the resignations of leaders at breweries.

Allan will now focus on Brave Noise, a collaboration beer she helped create that aims to provide inclusive and safe environments for women, people of color, and members of LGBTQ+ community throughout the beer industry.

“By brewing this beer, your brewery is standing in solidarity with those who shared their stories about mistreatment and who are survivors of gender discrimination, racism, sexual assault, and harassment within the industry. By standing with us now, you are part of the movement for change that is long overdue in beer,” the project’s website states.

So far, 69 breweries and 194 homebrewers have signed up to brew Brave Noise, according the Brewbound. Notch will release its second batch on Sept. 10.

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