Bundesliga: RB Leipzig Vs. Bayern Munich Preview, Odds, Prediction

RB Leipzig (+200) has only one win in the initial three rounds of the Bundesliga, dominating its home match against Stuttgart, 4-0, and losing to Mainz and Wolfsburg out and about with the negligible outcome, on the two events.

Jesse Marsch didn’t begin as arranged, however that is a normal thing, as RB entered the reconstruct cycle, losing a few central participants, in addition to the lead trainer, on one side and getting a great deal of new faces on the other. All that necessities to settle down, before we bring the last word, yet for the present, we can’t denounce a group that has Moriba, Nkunku, Szoboszlai, and the remainder of the young people whose normal worth is around $40 million.오피사이트

Marsch should be a bit more hostile disapproved than Nagelsmann, yet he didn’t show that in the initial not many matches. Every one of the three Bundesliga games RB played were with only one side netting, which is fascinating.

Bayern Munich (+120) had a horrendous run during the preseason, however they refocused in the beyond four matches, particularly in the wake of beating Bremer in the DFB Pokal with 0-12. From that point onward, Hertha Berlin felt what it resembled to be turned over at Allianz, losing 5-0.

Just the opening Bundesliga game against Borussia Monchengladbach out and about finished without at least three objectives, and from that point onward, every one of the games were over 4.5 hits.

Bayern plays its standard football, which means steady pressing factor, assault, and focused energy all through every one of the 90 minutes.

Most recent News

Angelino will be out for the hosts, which is a huge blow for Marsch. Additionally, Marcelo Saracchi is inaccessible also.

In Bayern, Upamecano will not play without a doubt. The circumstance around Alphonso Davies is problematic, yet it is relied upon to see the Canadian show up. Thomas Muller is suspicious yet liable to be prepared, equivalent to Sabitzer, who began rehearsing. Tolisso’s opportunities for playing are low.

Straight on Games

The last game between these groups was in Leipzig in April, and Bayern returned home with an insignificant, 0-1 triumph. The past occasion in the 2021 mission, at Allianz, saw a draw, 3-3.


This is the main enormous test for the Bulls’ youths, while on the opposite side, Nagelsmann comes to Leipzig interestingly since leaving RB. That should enliven the circumstance. As to pick, our decision is Bayern’s triumph, since RB actually isn’t at the required level to rival the Bavarian apparatus. The young people don’t have the experience nor the daily practice to oppose Bayern, and our suggestion is to wagered on the visitors to win.

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