Austria Man Kept Dead Mother In Cellar, Police Say

A man kept the preserved body of his mom in a storm cellar for longer than a year while proceeding to accept her benefits installments, Austrian police say.

The 89-year-elderly person, who purportedly had dementia, is thought to have passed on of normal causes in June last year.

Her child, 66, is said to have placed her body in his basement and utilized ice packs and gauzes to cover the smell.야동사이트

Police accept he might have wrongfully gotten about €50,000 (£42,000) in installments.

The speculated extortion just became known after another mailman conveying the lady’s advantages in the western Tyrol district was rejected a solicitation to see her, police said in an assertion.

That started an examination, and prompted the resulting horrible disclosure.

Police revealed to Austria’s public telecaster ORF that the speculate had likewise covered his mom with feline litter. “At last, the body was embalmed,” official Helmuth Gufler said, adding that the man had admitted.

Mr Gufler said the man had no other pay, and had disclosed to them that the installments would have halted promptly in the event that he had announced the passing, leaving him unfit to stand to pay for his mom’s memorial service or to keep the house they had shared.

The speculate likewise said he had told his sibling that their mom was getting care at an emergency clinic, and that it was not worth visiting as her condition implied it was far-fetched she would remember him, ORF detailed.

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