Longtime ‘Onion’ Editor To Be Taken Seriously At UW-Madison Lecture Series

Scott Dikkers of The Onion will talk at UW’s Memorial Union on Monday evening as a feature of the Distinguished Lecture Series.

NICKI FIETZER Scott Dikkers, designer of the site known for its clever incongruity and ironical, contemptuous interpretation of the news, will show up in Memorial Union’s Shannon Hall at 7 p.M. Monday as a component of the free Wisconsin Union Directorate’s Distinguished Lecture Series.모든링크

In his location, “The Funny Story Behind Funny Stories,” Dikkers will discuss “building an incredibly famous brand, counterfeit news, advertising, and a work culture of genuineness and artistic liberty,” as per a delivery from UW-Madison. His discussion will be trailed by a 30-minute round table discussion.

UW-Madison understudies Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson made The Onion as a little grounds distribution in 1988. Dikkers was initial an illustrator for the paper until he turned into a “accepted manager” by the third issue, as indicated by the delivery.

Dikkers was among a few purchasers when The Onion was sold following a time of distribution. In 1996 he established TheOnion.Com. Today, he is the longest-serving proofreader in-head of The Onion and has created or co-composed many books, including “Our Dumb World,” “Our Dumb Century” and “Preposterous Marketing.” He at present has “The Comedy Insider Podcast.”

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