Enter The Nivea Skinfluencer 2021 Search Today

SA’s top characters and powerhouses put things in place for the dispatch of Nivea’s 2021 Skinfluencer search with a free online masterclass on September 29. Hopeful skin and magnificence devotees were stuck to their computerized gadgets to get top skincare and content creation tips from the geniuses, with the occasion being facilitated by notable advanced substance maker, voice-over craftsman and TV/radio moderator Pamela Mtanga.

Mtanga was joined by brand delegate Sinenhlanhla Mambi and an impressive, compelling board including Lungile Thabethe, Mpoomy Ledwaba and Nadia Jaftha, who shared their own force to be reckoned with ventures, including their victories and difficulties. They uncovered experiences and guidance to furnish hopeful powerhouses with the structure squares to develop their internet based presence and local area commitment, foster their own image, and work effectively with brands to turn out to be financially suitable.스포츠중계

Customers have the chance to gather bits of knowledge on the best way to make their best sections into the Nivea’s Skinfluencer 2021 inquiry opening on September 29.

“Exploiting the computerized space is so significant, particularly thinking about the worldwide shift and assisted development of the web-based local area. The main example for me is having the option to foster substance that can slice through the commotion on the grounds that the computerized space is profoundly aggressive,” says Mtanga.

“This masterclass and the Nivea Skinfluencer rivalry are making ready for quality skincare and magnificence content by SA forces to be reckoned with through the strengthening of ladies in Africa to recount our accounts to the world.”

“In 2020, we were eager to dispatch the Nivea Skinfluencer drive to inspire, care for, and enable ladies by assisting them with dispatching a profession in the powerhouse market. A Skinfluencer is a web-based media content maker who has exceptional interests in skincare and magnificence, and has an energy for items that help their skin feel amazing and brilliant, which at last lifts certainty.

“Any South African recognizing as female can enter the opposition paying little mind to their skin type or age — as long as they are more than 18. We simply urge you to allow your internal magnificence to radiate through and embrace what makes you, you,” says Nivea showcasing chief Mpume Ngwenya.

Ten arising advanced powerhouses who will be named Nivea Skinfluencer 2021, will win a sum of R1m in prizes, while leaving on a year’s excursion with the brand to sharpen their abilities and gain from industry insiders.

To support their internet based abilities as expert computerized forces to be reckoned with, the victors will partake in selective web-based instructional exercises and get proficient recording hardware, and an advanced altering program membership esteemed at huge number of rand.

Past victor from the 2020 Nivea’s Skinfluencer contest, 33-year-old program supervisor in the adolescent work space, Ofentse Lekwane, thought about her previous year.

“Being picked as one of the best 10 skinfluencers in 2020 offered me the chance to carry variety into the excellence space, share my skin difficulties and expose legends about albinism. It has been so compensating to be essential for a development that rethinks cultural magnificence principles. The information I have acquired from my year venture with Nivea has been past anything I might have envisioned.

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