“What They Are Doing Is Economic Doping!” – La Liga President Takes Aim At Man City

Tebas was freely on the side of UEFA’s charges against City for ‘genuine breaks’ of Financial Fair Play guidelines in 2020, which were subsequently toppled the Court of Arbitration for Sport.야동사이트

Nonetheless, that administering has not halted Tebas in spreading the word about his sentiments regarding the matter.

In talking at the Social Football Summit in Rome this week, as handed-off by the Manchester Evening News, the La Liga boss took one more poke at the Super League, and a portion of the clubs in question.

“It’s inept. It would have powered the issues of European football and would not have tackled anything.” Tebas said.

He proceeded, “It would have demolished the financial outcomes by decreasing the pay of public contests. In Spain alone, we would have lost 1.9 billion euros on account of the Super League.”

Tebas, true to form, rushed to bring up Manchester City, and PSG’s jobs in the proposed breakaway, just as voicing his musings on the clubs’ separate monetary powers.

“It isn’t generally expected that a sovereign asset, like that of Qatar, can act in a limitless manner in constantly infusing cash. This makes market expansion and permits clubs in the red to rival others in spite of critical misfortunes,” said the La Liga boss.

Lamentably for Tebas, notwithstanding the greater part of the clubs pulling out of the proposed plans, some actually stay firm in their conviction that the Super League would help the game of football, and proceed in their endeavors to shape such an association.

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