Priyanka Chopra Roasted Her Relationship With Husband Nick Jonas In This Hilarious Instagram Clip

Let’s be honest, Priyanka Chopra is the encapsulation of class, from her stunning outfits to her tasteful disposition — which is the reason this funny clasp comes as a shock. Chopra chose to go all in and cooked her significant other Nick Jonas. Not just that, she broiled their relationship, and the outcome had our sides harming from giggling.

Chopra presented the clasp on her Instagram and began the entertaining meal by saying, “I’m respected thus excited, really tickled, to be here around evening time to broil my better half Nick Jonas and his siblings, whose names I can easily forget.”

After some astounding humdingers, she then, at that point, kidded about her ten-year age hole with Nick. She said, “There are many ’90s mainstream society references he doesn’t comprehend, and I need to disclose them to him, which is fine since we show one another.” She proceeded, “He told me the best way to utilize TikTok, for instance, and I show him what a fruitful acting vocation resembles.”한인사이트

So you might ask yourself, “why all the cooking?” Well, it’s anything but a regular Tuesday night in the Jonas family, since all of this broiling is for the Jonas Brothers Family Roast uncommon on Netflix.

Facilitated by Kenan Thompson, Netflix made a one-hour uncommon where the Jonas siblings got cooked left and right. Not exclusively were each of their spouses a piece of it, however so were stars like Pete Davidson, John Legend, and that’s just the beginning.

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