Telefonica Buys Ericsson 5G Equipment To Replace Some Huawei Gear

Telefonica buys Ericsson 5G equipment to replace some Huawei gear | Reuters

MADRID (Reuters) – Telefonica has purchased 5G organization hardware from Swedish producer Ericsson to supplant a portion of the Huawei gear it has carried out in Spain, a source at the Spanish firm said on Monday, affirming a report in Expansion paper.

The substitution of the cutting edge versatile organization hardware is important for Telefonica’s technique declared in 2019 to expand providers, as indicated by the source. Extension said the telecoms organization has at first carried out some Huawei gear that it had effectively purchased prior to trying to get elective supplies.스포츠중계

The source at Telefonica declined to say how much gear Telefonica purchased from Ericsson or when the buy was made.

Huawei and Ericsson’s Spanish unit didn’t promptly react to demands for input.

Telefonica’s 2019 choice came when China’s Huawei, the worldwide market pioneer in network gear, had been brought into the focal point of political pressures among Washington and Beijing.

The United States has claimed the organization’s hardware could be involved by the Chinese government for reconnaissance. Huawei and Beijing have over and over denied the charges.

At the point when Telefonica’s reported its system two years prior, it said its choice to differentiate was simply specialized in nature and that it had seen no proof to help the American claims that Huawei gear represented a security hazard.

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