BLACKPINK’s Jisoo receives a birthday wish from Beyoncé

Jisoo & Beyoncé

The cooperation that nobody expected except for everybody required! At the point when two Queens meet it resembles the entire world has been sitting tight for this second. On January 3, 2022, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo turned 27 years of age as indicated by the worldwide age count. Fans did different ventures for the BLACKPINK part and even her kindred individuals Jennie, Rosé and Lisa sent in the adoration by sharing wonderful pictures on their Instagram stories.한인사이트

Nonetheless, in the midst of all of this, an exceptional birthday wish anticipated the BLACKPINK star. American vocalist, rapper and entertainer Beyoncé appears to have down and out fleeting trend as a ‘Glad Birthday Jisoo’ update could be spotted on her site.

This cooperation between two of the most adored female whizzes on the planet sent their separate fans into a craze as they figured out how Queen Bey appears to know Jisoo and has taken it to a higher level by wishing her on her day of birth. Assuming that adequately wasn’t, the fans additionally started making joint effort hypotheses between the two, making creative alters. They went the extent that reconsidering her ‘Snowdrop’ character Eun Young Ro with Beyoncé and made some function memories doing as such.

One might dare to dream Jisoo detects the birthday wish and reacts to it here and there, trying out to one more noteworthy conceivable coordinated effort of the BLACKPINK young ladies. In the interim, Jisoo should be visible assuming the job of a wild undergrad in the JTBC show ‘Snowdrop’ close by entertainer Jung Hae In.

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