Yuju takes on an edgy form in the new concept photos for her upcoming solo debut album ‘REC.’

Yuju Concept Photos

On January 9, another arrangement of idea pictures for GFRIEND’s previous part Yuju’s forthcoming performance debut were delivered t and she looks crushing in the new looks. In the primary photograph, she inclines toward the floor, wearing a long white shirt, denim coat, knee-high dark calfskin boots and sheer knee high socks. The collection will be delivered on January eighteenth.스포츠중계

The subsequent picture has the watchers viewing at Yuju through a glass as she looks at the camera with an exceptional look, wearing a calfskin coat and cream shaded woolen vest. The hair was accessoried with metal rings across the little mesh. The last picture had her in an uneven bounce, strapless puffy white dress and a little heart neckband.

Already, Yuju delivered the track rundown of her first independent collection ‘REC. Yuju’s name is engraved on the credits for the verses and organization of five tracks, including the title tune ‘Play’, standing out. Likewise, during the worldwide tune camp, well known unfamiliar performers from US and Europe took part on a huge scale, and Chancellor invigorated Yuju’s solo introduction. Here, Chancellor, an individual from the KONNECT Entertainment family, upheld fire and worked fair and square of flawlessness.

Among the melodies on the track, track 3 ‘Just Winter’ has an exceptional importance. Frantic Clown took an interest as a rap component to finish an appealing structure. It will contain Yuju’s exceptional reasonableness, which has a unique importance in the period of winter.

Also, Yuju’s enthusiastic and melodic potential are completely implanted in every tune, for example, ‘Ill will’, ‘The Killa’, and ‘Blue Nostalgia’ in the principal track. Konnect Entertainment said, “We zeroed in on the way in which Yuju’s faculties can be communicated as best as could be expected.” Yuju further clarified, “I put such a lot of exertion into each melody that every one of the tracks can be title tracks.”

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