Eminem Takes Aim At 6ix9ine With Meek Mill Reference On Cordae’s “Parables” Remix

Eminem appears for an extended refrain on Cordae’s “Illustrations” remix, and he used the valuable chance to diss Tekashi 6ix9ine with a Meek Mill reference. 링크사이트

At the last part of Corade’s new collection From a Birds Eye View, Eminem comes through with a reference-weighty section that name drops everybody from Cheech and Chong to Dr. Dre. Em has effectively dissed disputable Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine before, yet here he’s making his sentiments on the “Gummo” rapper crystal clear.

“It’s so difficult for me to comprehend this was once my life/Shit’ll make you want to cop out like a request bargain/So I deal with a beat like it’s Tekashi, spit on that bitch like Meek Mill,” Em raps close to the beginning of his appearance on the track. He gives off an impression of being referring to Meek’s various spats with the rainbow haired rapper. The two conflicted early last year outside of an Atlanta club, and Meek guaranteed he spat on 6ix9ine.

Em recently dissed 6ix9ine following right after him “Zeus,” on which he rapped, “She says I am waste, however she pays attention to Tekashi.” a similar melody saw him apologize to previous colleague Rihanna, as well, over a released verse that referred to Chris Brown’s abusive behavior at home case.

The appearance of the “Anecdotes” remix is awful for 6ix9ine, however incredible for Cordae. Em shared his reverence for Cordae in a 2020 meeting about his Academy Awards execution of “Lose Yourself.”

“YBN Cordae, he’s imbecile,” Em told Variety.

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