Billie Eilish Steps In After Music Producer Benny Blanco Calls Charlie Puth ‘f***ing Loser’

Eilish shared a TikTok video the record maker posted, in which he designated Puth for reasons unknown. 링크찾기

Tending to the artist in the clasp, he said:”You’re a f***ing failure, Puth. Check out you. You sit in a room the entire day and make TikToks.”

In her own clasp, Eilish, who looked disinterested, reacted to the video, expressing: “What do you do the entire day, Benny? Exactly the same thing. In a real sense, exactly the same thing.”

Her reaction to Blanco, who has recently teamed up with Puth, prompted acclaim from large numbers of her dans, with one composition: “When Billie steps in, you know it’s finished.” Another additional: “The sovereign has spoken.”

This was one of a few recordings in which Blanco has designated Puth, who is most popular for the Wiz Khalifa joint effort “See You Again,” which was delivered as a feature of Fast and Furious 7, and Meghan Trainor two part harmony “Marvin Gaye”.

Puth reacted to the recordings in November, expressing: “You know, man, these recordings were truly entertaining from the get go. I don’t by and large have the foggiest idea why you’ve been so unkind to me these recent months, however it really does truly offend me.

Charlie Puth recently got down on Blanco for ‘signify’ conduct

“I used to admire you, and I don’t have any idea where this is coming from,” he added.

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