Kennedy Boys Soccer Back On Track, Driving Toward League Title, Playoff Success

Presently profound into the 2021-22 season, Kennedy has shown not set in stone to get back to the CIF end of the season games furiously and maybe win the association title.

Gutierrez has directed the Fighting Irish to a 12-1-2 record generally speaking and a 3-0-1 beginning to Empire League play. Kennedy, positioned No. 1 in the current week’s CIF-SS Division 4 mentors’ survey, crushed Cypress this week 3-2 behind two objectives from Diego Delgado and the game-champ from Paula Awad. 드라마다시보기

“You can perceive the players certainly gained from that hard season and they’re compensating for it now,” Gutierrez said.

Kennedy’s David Contreras is essential for a back line that has helped record eight shutouts this season.

Kennedy’s Paula Awad scored the triumphant objective this week in 3-2 triumph over Cypress. The Fighting Irish are attempting to win their first association title starting around 2012.

The Kennedy young men soccer group has partaken in a ton of accomplishment this season in the wake of battling a year prior. The Fighting Irish were 12-1-2 by and large 3-0-1 in the Empire League going into their game Friday, Jan. 21, against Crean Lutheran.

The Fighting Irish are binds to win their first association title beginning around 2012.

“Probably our greatest objective, and one we haven’t had the option to achieve, is to become association champs,” Gutierrez said. “We’ve had that obstacle of an incredible Valencia group and Tustin to get past.”

Gutierrez moved on from Kennedy in 2005 and was an individual from consecutive CIF co-title crews in 2003 and 2004. The previous protector knows how significant the back line will be to any possible accomplishment in association play and the postseason.

“I think our protection has been truly key this year. We’ve had eight shutouts, I’ve never had that numerous in a seaso,” Gutierrez said of his protective unit.

The back line comprises highlights Joseph Lee, Daniel Myung, Luis Meza, Sebastian Rojas, David Contreras and goalkeeper Jake Bergmann.

“Offense will dominate matches yet guard will win titles,” Gutierrez proceeded. “That is what I played at Kennedy during my time there, so I’m about the safeguard.”

The accentuation on protection doesn’t mean the Fighting Irish can’t score objectives.

Delgado has paced the offense with 10 objectives this season while Contreras has added six objectives and Andy Iwaki has viewed as the rear of the net multiple times.

“Diego (Delgado) is an incredible player,” Gutierrez said. “Tall, physical, quick, extraordinary pioneer on the field, and he’s been scoring objectives since the time his first year.”

Kennedy is starting a critical stretch of four association games in a seven-day length.

The Fighting Irish will confront Crean Lutheran on Friday and afterward Pacifica in consecutive games one week from now (Monday and Tuesday) before a confrontation with safeguarding association champion Valencia on Friday, Jan. 28.

In their first gathering with the Tigers, the Fighting Irish dealt with a 2-2 draw recently.

Gutierrez hasn’t had the option to overcome Valencia during his residency as lead trainer, and that should change assuming Kennedy needs a shot at the association title.

“That will be the fight for the lead position, expecting we both get great outcomes in the past games,” Gutierrez said. “We need to remain a stage or two ahead.”

With the assistance of associate mentors Daniel Gutierrez, Carlos Lopez and Raul Venta, Kennedy is in prime situation to win the Empire League, as per Gutierrez.

“I think the feature (of the period) is only the manner in which we have had the option to make something happen from last year,” he said. “Beside making the end of the season games and attempting to move beyond that second round, is the assurance to be association champs this year. We’re in a decent spot, so ideally we can continue onward.”

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