Red Velvet bring a scintillating, dazzling and futuristic MV for the awaited title track ‘Queendom’

Stills from the MV ‘Queendom’

‘Queendom’ is a reviving pop dance tune that musically orchestrates with a marvelous woodwind and metal riff on a vivid synth base. The habit-forming snare and Red Velvet’s splendid and lively vocals stick out. The verses are brimming with positive energy with the message that we are for the most part the ‘Sovereign’ of our lives, and that we sparkle all the more wonderfully when we are together.

The explanation this collection is extraordinary is that it is a collection delivered by Red Velvet to praise the seventh commemoration of their presentation just as advancing as a full gathering following 1 year and 8 months.웹툰사이트

This collection incorporates the title tune ‘Queendom’, the electro-punk type melody ‘Hope for the best’, the R&B pop ‘Should Be’ with Red Velvet’s marvelous vocals and rich amicability, The medium-beat pop R&B ‘Pushin’ N Pullin’ including Red Velvet’s sweet vocals, the sluggish rhythm R&B song ‘Hi, Summer’ (Hello, Sunset) with a pre-fall vibe, and lively and ‘Represent’, a playful pop dance number.

At the point when Red Velvet delivered the repackage collection ‘The ReVe Festival’ Finale’ in December 2019, they played out a since quite a while ago run with the title tune ‘Psycho’ and recorded a sum of 9 prizes in earthbound music broadcasting alone. During the advancements, Wendy got truly harmed and needed to pull out from all further exercises to take part in the recuperation interaction and has since, continued her exercises in the spring of last year by taking part in naming films and OSTs for dramatizations just as likewise appeared as an independent craftsman without precedent for April of this current year.

To praise the arrival of their most up to date collection, Red Velvet will lead a live transmission through Vlive at 4:30 pm on August sixteenth.

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