GOT7’s BamBam’s 2nd EP ‘B’ sets a new personal best record for 1st week album sales on Hanteo

GOT7's BamBam poses for the concept photo of 'B'

GOT7 part BamBam has established another individual record! On January 25, the last first-week deals count for BamBam’s new smaller than usual collection ‘B’ has authoritatively finished, and it has gathered north of 87,000 duplicates sold on Hanteo.

The collection sold right around 30,000 duplicates on its first day, just almost 50% of the deals of BamBam’s introduction collection ‘Lace,’ which sold north of 50,000 duplicates, however at that point scored up to more than 46,000 duplicates on its seventh day! Presently with this, ‘B’ has formally broken BamBam’s own record, turning into his most noteworthy selling first-week deals on Hanteo, outperforming his first small collection ‘Lace,’ which sold in excess of 83,000 duplicates on the principal seven day stretch of delivery.야동사이트

On January 18 at 6 pm KST (2:30 pm IST), BamBam delivered his second smaller than normal collection ‘B’ alongside the music video for the title track ‘Slow Mo.’ ‘B’ hit number 1 on iTunes Top Albums diagrams in 30 distinct districts, including BamBam’s nation of origin Thailand! The wonderful title track ‘Slow Mo’ bested Genie’s constant outline and arrived at number 1 on iTunes Top Songs diagrams in something like 17 unique areas. Congrats BamBam!

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