‘Ghostbusters’ family, more react to death of Ivan Reitman

Jason Reitman, Ivan Reitman

LOS ANGELES Ivan Reitman had his multitude of notable partners yet the movie producer and maker’s impact stretched out past that as well, as confirmed by the accolades that poured in at the fresh insight about his abrupt passing at age 75.

Dan Aykroyd, who Reitman has known since his days in TV in Toronto, said that the deficiency of his “companion, associate, champion and one of the last imaginative abilities of the big screen period folds” him. His child, movie producer Jason Reitman, who assumed control over the “Ghostbusters” establishment keep going year, composed on Twitter that he’s “lost his legend.”야동사이트

“I’ve lost my legend. All I need is the opportunity to recount to my dad another story. He came from a group of survivors and transformed his inheritance into giggling. Much obliged to you for the thoughtful messages. Partake in his motion pictures and recollect his narrating gifts. Nothing would make him more joyful,” Filmmaker Jason Reitman, on Twitter

“Feeling shock today for Geneviève, Catherine, Caroline, Jason and family. The deficiency of my companion, teammate, champion and one of the last incredible inventive gifts of the BIG SCREEN ERA folds me. Presently on Thursdays who am I going to call?”- Dan Aykroyd, long-lasting companion and “Ghostbusters” star, in a messaged proclamation.

“This evening, the woman with the light sobs, as do we all at Columbia, and film darlings all over the planet. Ivan Reitman was an indivisible piece of this current studio’s heritage, yet more than that he was a companion. An extraordinary ability and a much better man; he will be truly missed. We send his family the entirety of our sympathies.” Tom Rothman, Chairman and CEO, Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group, in a messaged proclamation.

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