Jin Goo works hard to find his beloved daughter in gripping teaser for ‘A Superior Day’;

The video stirs interest from the start with the figure of Lee Ho Cheol (Jin Goo) submerged in thought with Bae Tae Jin (Ha Do Kwon) battling a detainee in the jail. Lee Ho Cheol can’t fail to remember the strange killer who in the past injured his eyes and ran away so much that the solicitation of ‘regardless of whether he saw it, he didn’t see it’ is irrelevant.

As though censuring Lee Ho Cheol for recalling things he ought not keep in mind, a remarkable circumstance happens in which his girl is abducted, an individual tied in a dim put and fell on the floor, and a homicide scene with red bloodstains. 한인사이트

Lee Ho Cheol, who lost his girl, who is more valuable than his life, said, “I’m the one in particular who knows his face.” He made sure to into a moving vehicle and battled, however he didn’t stop the runaway notwithstanding the voices empowering him to flee.

A Superior Day’ recounts the tale of Lee Ho Cheol, a standard person who functions as a fireman. At some point, when news about a chronic executioner was standing out as truly newsworthy, Lee Ho Cheol gets a snippet of data from a more odd illuminating him that the chronic executioner is his neighbor, Kwon Shi Woo.

Obscure to Lee Ho Cheol, the more peculiar who gave him that data is an agreement/employed executioner, Bae Tae Jin, and Lee Ho Cheol abruptly winds up caught in a circumstance between the two.

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