Apink blows past own 7-year-old record on Hanteo with ‘HORN’

South Korean young lady bunch Apink made their hotly anticipated rebound with their exceptional collection ‘HORN’ on February 14. Denoting the young lady gathering’s significant tenth presentation commemoration, ‘HORN’ contains an aggregate of 11 tracks, including the title track ‘Issue’. As per South Korea’s Hanteo Chart, ‘HORN’ recorded a noteworthy complete of 53,005 duplicates sold in the primary seven day stretch of its delivery, from February 14 to 20.

With this accomplishment, ‘HORN’ accomplished over two times the principal week deals of Apink’s past smaller than normal collection ‘Percent’, which sold 24,243 duplicates. This, however ‘HORN’ likewise blew past Apink’s own most noteworthy record of 32,478 duplicates set by their 2015 delivery ‘Pink Memory’. This implies that Apink has recently dominated a record set seven years prior with ‘HORN’.스포츠중계

‘HORN’ is Apink’s first delivery since the track ‘Bless your heart’. The 2021 track is likewise remembered for the new delivery, close by 10 different tunes: ‘Difficulty’, ‘Sacred MOLY’, ‘My gracious My’, ‘Nothing’, ‘Honorary pathway’, ‘Single Rider’, ‘Free and Love’, ‘Very much Like This’, ‘Excursion’, ‘Dream’, and ‘Bless your heart’. Alongside the collection, Apink likewise delivered a music video for the title track ‘Situation’, showing the individuals battling with the problem of whether to abandon a relationship or keep on standing by perpetually, in the wake of understanding that their sentiments are not generally responded.

In addition to the fact that horn is an exceptional delivery since it denotes the young lady gathering’s very long term vocation, yet each of the six individuals have taken part as lyricists for the collection, with Son Naeun adding to ‘Sacred MOLY’, Chorong and Namjoo composing ‘Free and Love’ and ‘Very much Like This’ completely, and Hayoung, Bomi, and Eunji adding to ‘Excursion’, ‘Thank You’, and ‘Dream’.

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