Georgia lineman Jordan Davis, at 341 pounds, runs 40-yard dash in 4.78 seconds at NFL scouting combine

INDIANAPOLIS Georgia protective tackle Jordan Davis every one of the 341 pounds of him completed the 40-yard run in 4.78 seconds at the NFL exploring consolidate Saturday night.

It was a sight deserving of the applause it got from the few thousand fans inside Lucas Oil Stadium to watch the guarded linemen and linebackers go through their on-field exercises.오피사이트

Davis, who is 6-foot-6⅜, probably won’t need to really run a 40-yard run regularly in a NFL game, however he ran it like not many others of his size at any point have at the consolidate.

The 4.78 timing was the quickest for any player north of 330 pounds at the join starting around 2006 and is accepted to be probably the quickest time for a player that size in the occasion’s set of experiences.

Previous Nebraska cautious tackle Khalil Davis ran a 4.75 40 at the 2020 exploring consolidate, which was the quickest 40 by a protective lineman who tipped the scales at in excess of 300 pounds starting around 2006.

Among the north of 330 club, just previous Auburn tackle Greg Robinson and previous Memphis cautious tackle Dontari Poe had broken the 5-second imprint in the 40 before Davis. Robinson ran a 4.92 in 2014 at 332 pounds; Poe, at 346 pounds, timed 4.98 seconds at the 2012 join.

Poe likewise completed 44 reiterations of 225 pounds in the seat press and had a 34-inch vertical leap – – each an amazing number for a player of his size.

Davis, a possible first-round pick in the following month’s NFL draft, was a first-group All-SEC determination this previous season and began no less than eight games for the Bulldogs in three of his four seasons. He additionally made them rush score this previous season.

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