BTS’s V Proves He’s A True Supportive Bestie To Wooga Squad Member Park Hyung Sik

Despite the fact that it is a particularly colossal industry, the Korean diversion business can really be viewed as a little world. There are a great deal of notorious kinships between entertainers, symbols, and performers, and there isn’t anything netizens love more than when their top picks cooperate with one another. 웹툰사이트

One really famous fellowship bunch is the Wooga Squad which incorporates BTS’s V, Park Hyung Sik, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, and Peakboy.

Specifically, Park Hyung Sik and V have a longstanding companionship tracing all the way back to the K-Drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, which they recorded with individual Wooga Squad part Park Seo Joon…

What’s more, they’ve treated netizens to some famous photographs and associations over the course of the year that has solidified them as being #SquadGoals.

As of late, the couple has acquired consideration for being steady amigos. Park Hyung Sik is at present featuring in K-Drama Soundtrack #1, where he plays a youngster photographic artist and his companion Lee Eun Soo (Han So Hee), who foster heartfelt sentiments after they begin to live respectively.

On March 24, Park Hyung Sik posted some photographs on his Instagram of himself and Han So Hee, sharing that the show was emerging on Disney+ on Wednesday and for fans to tune in.

A couple of hours after the post was shared, netizens saw a natural face as BTS’s V remarked, “Indeed, I will,” making sense of that he was most certainly going to tune into his amigo’s K-Drama. On the off chance that that wasn’t sufficient, Park Hyung Sik then answered, “Indeed, go on,” and many saw the remark was stuck.

At the point when the associations occurred, netizens couldn’t conceal their energy at seeing Wooga Squad collaborations before their eyes.

However, it isn’t whenever the team first has displayed how steady they are of one another. When “ON” was delivered, he posted an image of V…

At the point when it was reported that V was singing the OST for the K-Drama Our Beloved Summer, including individual Wooga Squad part Choi Woo Shik, he shared his adoration on Instagram.

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