Reba McEntire on why 2022 Oscars performance is emotional for her

Reba McEntire ventures into the spotlight March 27 at the 2022 Academy Awards, joining any semblance of Beyoncé and Billie Eilish to play out a best unique tune competitor.

It’s not her first time performing at the Oscars. In 1991 she performed “I’m Checkin’ Out” from “Postcards From the Edge” at maybe the most troublesome a great time: She’d lost eight individuals from her visiting family in a plane accident only days earlier.오피사이트

“I was extremely enthusiastic yesterday about the Oscars, since I approved of the Oscars in ’91 and afterward the plane accident occurred,” McEntire, 66, told ABC Audio and different columnists on March 24. “And afterward I felt free to sing the melody since I felt [road manager] Jim Hammon conversing with me, saying, ‘Go do it for us. We’re left this tragedy lodging.

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