BTS Is Collabing With Free Fire On A New Video

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Korean pop band BTS is collaborating with Free Fire (the portable fight royale game) for a music video cooperation. The advanced two part harmony is additionally delivering in-game outfits and acts out for Free Fire, planned by the BTS young men.

The group up was initially declared toward the finish of February, yet subtleties at the time were scant. Throughout the most recent fourteen days Garena, the distributer behind Free Fire, has been delivering in the background recordings on its Youtube channel. The recordings exhibit the exceptionally famous band playing the game, drawing outfits, and planning acts out.

Free Fire isn’t bashful about collabs. In obvious fight royale style it consolidates components from well known mainstream society symbols into the game at a surprising rate. The exceptional game – which passed 1 billion downloads in August 2021 on the Google Play store – has highlighted coordinated efforts with various anime shows, genuine entertainers, sports stars, and extravagance vehicle brands.

This joint effort is going on with another interpretation of the BTS music video for their tune, Idol. The first video passed the 1 billion perspectives blemish on Youtube in September of 2021. The new video will reconsider the video in the style of Garena’s Free Fire.

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