Tiger Woods says he’s planning to play the Masters

AUGUSTA, Ga. According to tiger Woods, until further notice at any rate, he’s wanting to play this week in the Masters, somewhat more than a year after almost losing a leg in a fender bender.먹튀검증사이트

The five-time champion at Augusta National made the declaration Tuesday morning. He will play nine more practice openings on Wednesday prior to pursuing a last choice, yet will do as such determined to play Thursday.

“I can hit it fine and dandy,” Woods added. “I have no hesitations about what I can do truly from a golf stance. It’s currently, strolling’s the crucial step. This is certainly not a simple stroll in the first place. Presently given the condition that my leg is in, it gets somewhat more troublesome. Also, 72 openings is a difficult experience. It will be an extreme test and a test that I’m up for.”

There had been a lot of signs as of late that Woods was on the cusp of concluding the time had come to play once more. He came to Augusta National for a training round last week, then returned Sunday saying he’d be “a game-time choice” and Monday for additional. On Tuesday morning, with terrible climate in the figure, he invested a lot of energy in the training regions.

Woods played in December at the PNC Challenge, a 36-opening scramble on a level Florida course where he and his child Charlie completed second to John Daly and his child. Woods was permitted to involve a truck in that occasion, and when those rounds were over he straight excused any idea that his game was visit prepared once more.

“I can’t go up against these folks at this moment, no,” Woods said on Dec. 19. “It will take a great deal of work to get to where I feel like I can contend at these folks and be at a significant level.”

Around 3-1/after 2 months, Woods obviously feels in an unexpected way. On the off chance that he plays, he’ll be in the Masters for the 24th time; he’s done in the main five 12 times in his past 23 appearances.

“I love contending,” Woods said. “I feel like on the off chance that I can in any case contend at the most elevated level, I’m going to. Furthermore, in the event that I feel like I can in any case win, I will play. Yet, on the off chance that I feel like I can’t, then, at that point, you won’t see me around here.”

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