Congress says Washington Commanders appear to have broken financial laws, owe money to visiting teams, season-ticket holders

The Washington Commanders neglected to discount security stores, covered income and kept two arrangements of monetary books, the U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee asserted in a letter it shipped off the Federal Trade Commission.드라마다시보기

The 20-page letter definite what the advisory group said was a long term course of adjusting records to conceal income that prompted more benefits for the association. The claim of monetary indecencies were made by previous long-lasting representative Jason Friedman who, on March 14, met with individuals from the board of trustees as a feature of its examination concerning the group’s work environment culture.

As indicated by messages and an Excel sheet he gave to the advisory group, Friedman claimed the group could have held as much as $5 million in stores from around 2,000 clients.

“Truth be told, as you go through the charges it peruses like a portrayal of some association out of ‘The Godfather’ and not a NFL football crew,” Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Ill) told ESPN. He marked the letter alongside the executive of the advisory group, Rep. Tune Maloney (D-NY). “It truly assists with shading the way of life and exemption that different observers have portrayed and the proof of extreme brokenness.”

In an articulation remembered for the letter, Maloney said, “This new data on potential monetary offense recommends that the decay under Dan Snyder’s administration is a lot further than envisioned. It further supports the worry that this association has been permitted to work without any potential repercussions for a really long time.”

In the letter, the board says Friedman guaranteed the group kept two books one that was imparted to the NFL with the underreported ticket income and another that incorporated the precise income and was displayed to proprietor Dan Snyder.

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