Coldplay’s Chris Martin Shows Respect For BTS’s Jin And Korean Culture, Earns Praise From Fans

A new “Coldtan” collaboration is filling hearts and procuring acclaim from BTS’s being a fan, ARMY. On September 24, 2021, BTS and Coldplay delivered “My Universe,” a cooperation tune and music video. This graph clincher is tied in with rising above boundaries through music and love. 드라마다시보기

Furthermore, they said that we can’t be together
Since, on the grounds that we come from various sides

— “My Universe” verses

BTS and Coldplay proceeded to play out “My Universe” in front of an audience at the 2021 American Music Awards and at BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA show.

Presently, the gatherings’ kinship is standing out as truly newsworthy again for the most healthy explanation. In another meeting with KiddNation, a questioner got some information about the guitar he provided for BTS’s Jin as a present.

“You gifted your guitar to one of the BTS young men,” the questioner started. Chris Martin bounced in to explain, calling Jin by name. “Jin, definitely,” he said.

The questioner took Chris Martin’s sign and proceeded, “Do you feel like different folks saw you like, ‘Aw darn, Jin got it. Like, what are we going to get now?'”

hris Martin then made sense of that he paid “additional regard” to BTS’s oldest part, however Coldplay gave gifts to the other individuals also.

Indeed, Jin is the oldest, so the manner in which I imagine that Korean culture works is that is OK to offer additional appreciation to the oldest, and I think Jin is-supposedly the most into guitary stuff [. . .] and we gave gifts to everyone, as well.

— Chris Martin

Presently, ARMYs are commending Chris Martin for finding out about Korean culture, and for stepping in to feature Jin as an individual instead of permitting him to be, “one of the BTS young men.”

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