HYBE Responds To News That BTS Jimin’s Luxury Apartment Was Seized After Failing To Pay Health Insurance Premiums

The organization assumed complete ownership. 모든링크

Fans were left astounded when it was accounted for that BTS Jimin’s extravagance loft had nearly been seized because of him not paying health care coverage expenses. Afterward, it was explained that it had been because of a mix-up by his overseeing organization. As indicated by BizHankook, he had neglected to pay his health care coverage charges, and his condo was nearly seized on January 25, 2022. Nine One Hannam is one of South Korea’s most costly lofts, going for around ₩5.90 billion KRW (about $4.74 million USD).

The due wellbeing charges have since been settled and paid for. Nonetheless, as the news spread, his overseeing organization, HYBE Labels, answered the Korean media source Newsen on April 24, 2022, with an authority articulation. Jimin had been uninformed about the due premium because of his bustling timetable abroad. His organization had been directing his mail yet neglected to pass the due letter on to him, because of an oversight.

Concerning case, the organization gets all mail shipped off the craftsmen’s residences, and during the time spent elapsing them to the craftsman, a piece of the mail was deferred because of a misstep. Jimin has been doing his timetables abroad and had a drawn out break since the finish of last year and gone on with abroad timetables later, so he knew nothing about the reality [that his premium had been] past due, and after he found out, he promptly settled up on the back payments completely and at this moment, the case has been shut.

We apologize for having stressed the fans and the craftsman because of our organization’s blunder. — HYBE Labels

With the expression of remorse and update, ideally, the matter will come to a rest. BTS has quite recently wrapped up an effective leg of their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE visit in Las Vegas and has gotten back to South Korea.

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