Johnny Depp Ends Testimony: Key Moments From His Four Days on the Stand

Johnny Depp finished his declaration on Monday in his slander preliminary against ex Amber Heard by proclaiming himself to be a casualty of aggressive behavior at home.

Depp’s lawyer played a sound keep in which Heard proposed that assuming Depp opened up to the world about claims that she had beaten him, nobody would trust it.

“Tell the world,” Heard said on the recording. “Tell them, Johnny Depp — I Johnny Depp, a man, I am a casualty too of abusive behavior at home, and I know it’s a fair battle,’ and perceive the number of individuals accept or favor you.” 사이트순위

Asked by his legal counselor on the off chance that he is a casualty of aggressive behavior at home, Depp said, “OK, I am.”

That finished four days of declaration about a turbulent, once in a while fierce relationship. The critical inquiry for attendants isn’t whether Depp was a casualty — yet rather, whether he can demonstrate that Heard was not. Depp has affirmed that Heard’s misleading claims of actual maltreatment constrained him out of the “Privateers of the Caribbean” establishment and annihilated his profession.

Depp and Heard would frequently record their contentions, so that assuming there was a question about what somebody had said, they could play it back. Those clasps have become basic proof for the situation, as lawyers on the two sides alternated playing scraps that upheld their client’s form of occasions. The lawyers likewise showed various instant messages to the jury.

Here are the vital minutes from Depp’s declaration:

Heard confesses to ‘hitting’ Depp

In sound played for the jury last Wednesday, Heard recognized “hitting” Depp during a battle.

“I was hitting you, not punching you,” she told Depp. “You’re a fucking child. You are such a child. Develop the fuck up.”

The sound affirms Depp’s case that Heard hit him. It doesn’t determine the central point of contention — did he hit her? — yet it upholds Depp’s validity.

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